IELTS (International English Language Testing Standard): IELTS are a globally recognised certificate of your English language capabilities and as the UK’s primary language, it forms one of many entry requirements for universities.
Most universities expect a 5.5-point score as a minimum however this varies across universities and this minimum may be higher. 
        Exams and Criteria (graded out of 8.0 points): 
⦁    Listening – 40 mins
⦁    Reading & Writing – 120 mins
⦁    Speaking – 11-14 mins
Exams require due diligence, preparation, and exam strategies which we will help you obtain by providing a strategic crash course for your exam with hints, tips and tricks, or a fully inclusive course building up from the basics so that you are fully equipped with the knowledge and confidence to sail through your exams. Taking an IELTS exam is also beneficial for applicants of a Work Visa to evidence your proficiency of the English language