We offer VELT preparation courses available with Veltest. The session runs in three parts and covers the assessment material, allowing you to practice with the necessary technical skills and strategies to succeed. 

Each session will focus on building your technique and strategies relevant to each assessment of the VELT:     Session 1 – Listening and Reading assessments
Preparation for the reading and listening assessments of the VELT
Session 2 – Writing assessment
Preparation for the writing assessment of the VELT
 Session 3 – Oral assessment
Preparation for the spoken test of the VELT
Our courses are available entirely online and taught by highly qualified English teachers who are dedicated to ensuring that you get the best results that are reflective of your skillset.
If you do not achieve the required grade for entrance into your chosen university, Veltest also provide pre-sessional English courses with flexible durations available online, which will improve your English language skills and start your course.