UNIVERSITY PLACEMENT SERVICE: There are a vast number of courses available to study in the UK which can be overwhelming to narrow down especially with a wide selection of high-ranking universities which will result in a prestigious degree and carve out the pathway for your international career. We have professional advisors on board who will assist you in finding the right course for you. We will explore your passions and goals, taking into consideration your academic history and work experience, and what fits with your personal preferences (location, community groups, etc.) You can make university applications before or after the start date of your English language course which is especially great for those who are not yet confident with their English language ability but not allowing themselves to be set-back. We include an English proficiency test to place you in a class appropriate for your level and regular tests for monitoring your progress. 

UNIVERSITY PATHWAY PROGRAMME: If you have not had the opportunity to obtain the language or academic requirements for your desired university or course, you can study a pathway or foundation level course which will guarantee acceptance providing you pass your course with good attendance. There are options for direct admission into the first or second year of study or completing a degree which you have started elsewhere. Statistically, those who study a course at the foundation level have a better academic success rate and achieve higher grades. We endeavour to improve you academic and language skills so that you can progress to university and graduate! We will help prepare you for studying abroad, making long-lasting friendships and experiences that last a lifetime. 
Where will these courses lead you?
Pre-sessional English will help you gain access to study at university providing you meet their other entry requirements. Passing your IELTS exam is still required for entry onto foundation courses.
    Foundation Certificate will lead onto the 1st year of your bachelor’s degree.
    International Foundation Year One will lead onto the 2nd year of your bachelor’s degree.
Post-graduate Pathway courses (such as Pre-Masters) which allow you direct entry to master’s courses providing you qualify. Post-graduate courses enable you to take your degree a step further.

There are a wide range of degree level courses available across the UK and many of the universities offer work placements otherwise known as a “sandwich year” where you complete the first 2 years of your chosen academic course and then spend a year gaining experience working in your desired industry before completing your third and final year of study. These programmes allow to network professionally and get a taster of how your degree is applicable to modern industries.

ACCOUNTING & FINANCE: Gain the technical skills for analysing and providing accountancy and financial solutions for businesses. There are many employment opportunities in this field and will prepare you for a rewarding career in the economic sector. 
Roles this degree can lead to include Financial Accountant, Auditor, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Advisor, Tax Specialist.

ART & DESIGN: Degrees in Art and Design are creative orientated and allow you to express yourself through a variety of mediums, you will learn both theoretical and technical principles whilst explore various cultural histories of art. 
Roles this degree can lead to include Interior Designer, Fashion Designer, Graphic Designer, Gallery/Museum Curator, Art Therapist.

BUILDING & ARCHITECTURE: Architecture is the convergence of artistic design and the practical understanding the world around us, alongside our impact on the environment. This is a technical degree which will engage in understanding the artistic, technical, and historical design of buildings.
Roles this degree can lead to include Architect, Building Control Surveyor, Fire Risk Assessor, Interior & Spatial Designer, Urban Designer, Quantity Surveyor.

BUSINESS STUDIES: There are a wide range of subjects included that reflect the multidisciplinary nature of business management. You will cover topics on accounting, finance, business management, entrepreneurship and gain a comprehensive understanding of the key elements necessary for the making of a successful business. 
Roles this degree can lead to include Business Advisor, Business Development Manager, Data Analyst, Environmental Engineer, Forensic Accountant, Project Management, Supply Chain Manager.

COMPUTING & TECHNOLOGY: The technology industry has accelerating since the turn of the century there is an abundance of avenues to go down on this course. Whether you are interested in learning about hardware development or software engineering, artificial intelligence, cyber security, communications, networking, or combined courses with mathematics or psychology, there will be something for you.
Roles this degree can lead to include Applications Developer, Cyber security Analyst, Forensic Computer Analyst, Games Designer, IT Consultant, UX Designer, Web Developer


EDUCATION: A degree in education involved the practices of teaching, childhood development, education theory, and research. You will learn the fundamentals of receiving and giving systematic instruction across various age and developmental levels and can be combined with other subjects that you have an interest in teaching.
Roles this degree can lead to include Career Counsellor, Education Consultant, Child Life Specialist, Juvenile Corrections Worker, Family Counsellor, Primary or Secondary School Teacher, Special Educational Needs Coordinator.

ENGINEERING: An interdisciplinary subject which involves the application of science, technology and mathematics for the design, development and maintenance of machines, structures, hardware, and software, etc. This degree will refine your logical thinking and critical analysis for decision making skills. 
Roles this degree can lead to include Acoustic Consultant, Automotive Engineer, CAD Technician, Mechanical Engineer, Nuclear Engineer, Production Manager.

ENVIRONTMENT & AGRICULTURE: This course will help to develop your understanding of the environment and the effects agriculture have on it, you will learn about rural development, sustainability, the impacts of poor agricultural management, relevant technologies, and policies. 
Roles this degree can lead to include Agricultural Consultant, Farm Manager, Fisheries Officer, Soil Scientist. Environmental Engineer, Minerals Surveyor, Sustainability Consultant

HOSPITALITY & TOURISM: Hospitality and Tourism is a broad topic which relates to the service industry, you can decide to specialise in one are of the industry of cover a range of topics from management to marketing to intercultural communication. This will provide you with the skills needed to travel the world and take your ideas with you. 
Roles this degree can lead to include Conference Centre Manager, Customer Sercive Manager, Hotel Manager, Tourism Officer, Marketing Executive, Sales Executive
LAW: A degree in law offers a great diversity in your career options, you will be able to apply problem-solving skills to a variety of legal and non-legal settings as you develop a critical understanding and awareness of the application law and legislation in society today.
Roles this degree can lead to include Advice Worker, Barrister, Chartered Legal Executive (England & Wales), Solicitor, Costs Lawyer, Paralegal, Political Risk Analyst, Trading Standards Officer

MARKETING & MEDIA: This degree covers both technical and theoretical elements of media and marketing, which could involve producing your own video or photographic work, delving into the history of advertisement and technology, or understanding the psychology involved in convincing consumers they want to buy a product. 

Roles this degree can lead to include Advertising Art Director, Digital Marketer, Event Manager, Market Researcher, Music Producer, Public Relations Officer, Social Media Manager, Writer

MATHEMATICS: This degree can open up a lot of options for students, it will develop your problem-solving skills and is often overlooked in its relation to philosophy, every career uses mathematics in some way but taking general knowledge further can be fulfilling. 
Roles this degree can lead to include Acoustic Consultant, Astronomer, Data Scientist, Financial Manager, Meteorologist, Sound Engineer, Radiation Protection Practitioner

MUSIC & PERFORMING ARTS: Your degree could have a focus on art, music or in drama, or if you wanted an interdisciplinary performing arts degree that combines these subject, simultaneously developing your performance skills blended with theoretical understanding of your desired field.
Roles this degree can lead to include Actor, Art Director, Stage Manager,  Costume Designer, Music Therapist, Theatre Director, Special Effects Technician, Talent Agent.

SCIENCE & HEALTH: The sciences are incredibly broad and can lead to amazing career prospects, you could work towards the production and administration of medicines, on a large scale develop further understanding of the mechanics of the universe and on the smaller scale comprehending DNA as the building blocks for living beings however, there is still so much left to discover.
Roles this degree can lead to include Biochemist, Dental Technician, Forensic Analyst, General Practitioner, Therapist, Microbiologist, Neuroscientist, Oceanographer, Pharmacologist, Toxicologist

SOCIAL SCIENCES: The social sciences include a wide range of humanities which provide fascinating insights to various historical periods with History, human cultures and communities with Anthropology, social lives and institutions with Sociology, the human condition with Psychology, these courses help us to develop policies and work towards improving social wellbeing and also include Politics and Economic Programmes. 
Roles this degree can lead to include Community Development Worker, Equality and Diversity Officer, Human Resources Officer, International Aid Worker, Psychologist, Social Researcher, Substance Misuse worker, Youth Worker